Bichon Yorkie

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Bichon yorkie

Bichon Yorkie


Facts About The Bichon Yorkie


A Bichon Yorkie is a mixed breed dog that is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Bichon Frise. Frequently referred to as Yo-Chon, these dogs make great family pets proving to be extremely playful. Not only great with children, but also a Bichon Yorkie tends to be great around other dogs and incredibly social by nature.


In terms of barking, some of these mixed breed pets are frequent barkers, while others are not. Furthermore, a Bichon Yorkie has a tendency to be relatively stubborn, making house training more difficult than with other breeds. It is essential to note that all characteristics with dogs, as with humans, vary depending on the general temperament of their parents as well as how the animals are raised.


In regards to maintenance, these dogs do shed a decent amount and contain a complete coat of hair. Therefore, most owners prefer to keep these dogs groomed and brushed frequently to avoid matting and excess shedding. However, as with any mixed breed dogs, the temperament, and other facts (even color and size) can vary greatly when breeding two sets of dogs. Therefore, the remainder of this article will focus on the two different types of breeds, Bichon Frise and Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie).


Bichon Frise dogs typically have curly hair and are generally white in color. These dogs are extremely intelligent, loving, affectionate, and social. In order to be happy, they must be around people consistently, making these dogs amazing with kids as well as other dogs. Training is relatively simple with minor difficulties in housebreaking, providing a need for consistent rules in this area. In terms of size, most of these dogs fall between seven and twelve pounds. Be prepared to walk any dog that has Bichon Frise in it due to their activity level, but they make great dogs for apartments and small houses without backyards. With little shedding, this dog requires a good bit of grooming, but is ideal for those with allergies.


The Yorkshire Terrier is also a small dog that tends to weight around seven pounds. Yorkies are typically black/blue and tan/gold in color and containing a silk-like texture. Most people describe Yorkies as extremely bold and completely unaware of their small size. Furthermore, they are adventurous, outgoing, and brave. These dogs tend to be great with those within the family, but may be hesitant around strangers. Yorkies may also be temperamental and try to rule the house, which requires a mature, considerate leader to make sure the dog behaves properly. It is essential that owners of this breed of dogs set clear, defined boundaries and stick to them. Like Bichon Frise, these dogs are great for apartments and small houses, but will frequently need to be walked. In terms of grooming, it is often necessary to take a trip to be groomed every month along with frequent brushing between visit.


As seen above, these dogs tend to compliment one another with behavioral tendencies making the likelihood of getting a great dog from the mixed breed relatively high. However, as with any mixed breeding, you are likely to get a dog that exhibits the characteristics of one breed over the other, especially if the breeders are not using 100% purebred animals in the first place. However, with their activity, love for people, outgoing and social behavior, both breeds are similar in these areas making it probable that your Bichon Yorkie will be the same way.


Again, the way you raise any dog can result in a variety of behavioral problems with may include excessive barking, biting, and separation anxiety. These problems are not geared toward any specific breed. In the end, any time you decide to get a mixed breed dog you are taking the chances of the animal exhibiting a variety of characteristics. Be sure to research both breeds extensively before deciding to buy a Bichon Yorkie. All in all, these puppies tend to grow up to be great family dogs with proper training and discipline as long as they are with affectionate and caring owners.

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