Boglen Terrier

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Boglen terrier

Boglen Terrier


Caring For A Boglen Terrier

If you want to purchase a dog as a family pet that has a great temperament and is small to medium sized, then a boglen terrier is the right dog for you. This type of dog is known for being playful, smart and most importantly, friendly.

The boglen terrier is considered a hybrid dog. It is a mix between a Beagle and a Boston terrier. Although most of these dogs are thought to be a 50% mix of each breed, most dog breeders who raise boglen terrier puppies do not breed them at 50%. You can be sure of your puppies mix by reading about the characteristics of both types of dogs and observing your puppy for these traits.

The Beagle is considered a hound dog and they are known for being happy, motivated dogs. They are very curious and are natural born trackers. Used to track prey by hunters, these dogs won’t stop until their mission is completed. While on the trail of any game, a beagle is persistent when it is chasing prey.  The hunter will have to move fast to keep the dog in sight. Beagles like to track so much that police use these dogs for drug trafficking and to search for suspects on the run.

Boston terriers are generally great family dogs. They love to learn new and different things, so they are easy to train. Although they are friendly with strangers, they will bark at anything they feel threatened by. But there are a few things to think about before buying one of these dogs. They must have special training and attention by everyone living in the household. They will dominate over anyone who does not set a firm but loving example. If they are allowed to do what ever they want, they can get small dog syndrome. This syndrome means the dog can exhibit a variety of bad behavior including barking and biting because it believes it is the pack leader.


The good thing about hybrid dogs such as the boglen terrier is, the breeding of the two types of dogs eliminates the bad traits associated with the beagle and the Boston terrier. While at the same time the good traits are seen in the boglen terrier. Even certain health problems the individual breeds have can be eliminated through hybrid breeding.


These terriers are smaller dogs. They can reach around 25 pounds and they have short hair, so shedding isn’t a big problem. They enjoy exercise and taking long walks and they also get along great with other types of dogs.  They love children and are extremely playful. However they do not like too much heat and may take a break from playing when it has had enough.


Because these dogs are half Boston terrier, they may also try to be a bit dominating. Not to the extent of the Boston terrier but these dogs do need gentle guidance. They need to be trained and rules and boundaries have to be put into place. This can be difficult for a puppy to quickly take in. Anyone who is raising one of these puppies must be very patient when it comes to housebreaking. It may take the puppy longer than another type breed to learn how to do this. The beagle traits can be a little strong at first and the puppy may be stubborn when it comes to following rules.

If you put the puppy on a schedule and make sure it gets plenty of exercise, proper nutrition and a loving family, it should eventually respond. Once it is trained you will have a happy healthy dog for years to come.

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