Bolognese Puppies

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Bolognese puppies

Bolognese Puppies


Caring For Bolognese Puppies

Bolognese puppies are small, cute and cuddly. They are a very popular breed of dog and they are known for their soft white coats.  The breed originated in Italy during the renaissance era and people in high positions and royalty owned these Bolognese puppies. But even though they were raised by royalty these puppies are still one of the friendliest dog breeds available.


The advantages of owning bolognese puppies are that they are very polite and considerate with people and company. If they are properly taken care of, they will live anywhere from thirteen to fifteen years. They are extremely intelligent and are even able to create games and fun with their toys. Although they have a longer coat, these puppies do not shed too much. You will only need to brush the dog once to week to avoid matting of the fur.


Although these Bolognese puppies look cute and cuddly they are not recommended for smaller children. Toddlers and small children do not realize that they may be hurting the dog by simply trying to play with them. The puppies are not unusually fragile but since they are so small they can be easily injured. Not only does this cause pain to the puppy, this can also make it afraid to be around people. Its personality can become affected and it may become intolerant of any social interaction with people or other dogs. Just like people dogs learn behavior when they are young and once these puppies are harmed in any way it can change their life long personalities.


If you want a healthy puppy you will have to spend time with it. These types of puppies will not do well in a home, where it is alone for most of the day. It needs social interaction and plenty of love to thrive. An exercise schedule is a good idea. This can be a simple walk or you may use a toy to play with the puppy. If the pup does not get the proper attention, problems may occur. The dog may become withdrawn and shy. It also may visibly shake when it comes in contact with a stranger. But the worst habit that is seen from lack of companionship is loud and constant barking. The puppy may also start chewing on shoes or pillows and it may start to become aggressive. So make sure to schedule time for your bolognese puppies.


Housebreaking could be a problem with these types of dogs. They are usually happy, playful puppies and by the time they realize they even have to use the bathroom, it may be too late. It is recommended that any one who buys a Bolognese should place it in a crate at night. This helps train the dog to wait until morning to use the bathroom. Dogs do not like to use the bathroom where they sleep, so this can really help. It is also beneficial to install a doggy door. This way the puppy can get out of the house fast, when it has to go.


With any new animal, it is important to choose a veterinarian. Even puppies that come from a reputable kennel can have problems with parasites and infections. You should check the health certificate that came with your new pup and make sure its vaccinations and worming are all up to date. You should also familiarize yourself with symptoms that may occur in puppies like watery cloudy eyes or a dull coat. Any time you see any unusual symptoms in your new pup, let the veterinarian know. This insures that your puppy remains healthy, so you will have a life long friend.

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