Chihuahua Behavior

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Chihuahua behavior

Chihuahua Behavior

Chihuahua Behavior The Truth About Chihuahua Behavior


A Chihuahua is a very tiny dog that is in the toy classification, but Chihuahua behavior is often based on the fact that they try to act bigger than they are. Chihuahuas are loving dogs but they also have a reputation for having some annoying habits. They are very fragile but they also like to jump, which can be trouble if they decide to jump off the back of a chair or off a kitchen counter. Chihuahua behavior is often based on the reality that this breed of dog may be tiny but they don’t know that they are. They take themselves very seriously even if it means standing up to a much bigger dog.


Chihuahua behavior can be fun to watch, especially when these little dogs are playing. But if you get a Chihuahua, you will find that other forms of Chihuahua behavior can be very annoying. You will also find that these tiny breeds of dogs are quite different from owning larger breeds. For instance, as far as the fragility goes, if you own a German shepherd, you don’t ever have to worry about hurting him by sitting on him accidentally or rolling over on him in the middle of the night. These two actions could kill a Chihuahua, so remember to always know where your Chihuahua is, especially if he buries himself under the covers.


A Chihuahua should never live with a family with small children. Even if they are well-mannered, accidents can happen and this dog is just too tiny for injuries. Plus, most Chihuahuas and other toy breeds are not used to the loudness of kids or to the very quick movements they can make. A typical Chihuahua behavior around kids is to get upset and growl simply because they are overwhelmed by the entire situation.


One of the not so good parts of Chihuahua behavior is the fact they are notorious for having problems with housebreaking. These little dogs have a mind of their own and they are not terribly fond of going outside, especially if it is cold, raining, or snowing. In fact, if it is snowing you will need to get them a doggie sweater and they still won’t want to go out. To have any success with housetraining, you will need to do crate training. You also cannot leave a Chihuahua at home all day while you are at work. If that is the situation, you may never housetrain your Chihuahua.


Other obnoxious Chihuahua behavior is their manipulative-ness. They have the attitude they should be able to do anything they want anytime they wish. They are also very wary of strangers and other animals, and think they should protect you at all times. This is not a Chihuahua behavior that you should encourage in any way. Some people think it is funny when their tiny dog rushes a much larger dog but it an action that can have serious consequences for the smaller animal.


Some breeders are not at all concerned about raising healthy, happy, and well-mannered Chihuahuas so you need to be extra careful when selecting a breeder from whom to obtain a puppy. Ask to meet the parents. If they bark and growl at you, you will know right away that good Chihuahua behavior may not be important to these breeders. Some Chihuahuas are allowed to growl at people and to bark incessantly.


It is very important to get a Chihuahua with a good temperament. It is also very important to get a Chihuahua that is healthy and has been bred to stay as healthy as possible. That means staying away from breeders who are advertising teacup Chihuahuas, mini Chihuahuas, or pocket Chihuahuas. For one thing, you don’t want a Chihuahua any smaller than the normal size which is barely six to ten pounds. Any Chihuahua under six pounds cannot even be shown in breed events.


These so-called teacup Chihuahuas are bred by people trying to cash in on a fad by selling extra-small dogs for higher than normal prices. They may be adorable but so is a normal-sized Chihuahua puppy. These tinier dogs can have bones that are even more fragile than a standard Chihuahua, weak organs, and problems with teeth and blood sugar levels. If you want a healthy Chihuahua, stick with responsible breeders who raise AKC registered dogs.

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