Chihuahua Training

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Chihuahua training

Chihuahua Training

Chihuahua Training Chihuahua Training – How to Be Effective


Chihuahua training should be an excited and pleasant experience for you and your dog.  You want to implement proper techniques so that your dog is actually learning something. This will also decrease your frustration in the long run.  Be sure to explore what works and what does not work for this breed of dog.  You will only save time and energy if you are prepared before you begin.


The first thing to remember is that because of the dog’s size you should not use a leash or a choker collar.  If you want to use something you can consider a harness.  You can damage the throat of the Chihuahua if you pull on it to hard when you are trying to train the dog.  You also want to stay positive and be happy when you are training this breed of dog.  You also want to move through all exercises rather quickly because your dog will get bored if you move to slow.


You are going to want to start training your dog the first day that you get him or her.  You are going to want to start with the basics and that includes house training him or her to go outside when they need to use the restroom.  You are going to take your dog outside in the middle of play time (because they pee when they are excited), after they wake up or come out of the kennel, and as soon as they eat.  You will lead your dog outside and say “outside” over and over again.  This is going to help them realize where they are going and why.


Once your dog has learned how to go outside for the bathroom you can begin teaching him or her other things.  You will move to the sit command next.  The following commands will be taught in order: come and down.  You will want to do your Chihuahua training in a location that does not have any other distractions.  You should also keep them short so that your dog does not get bored.  Be sure to use one word when giving any commands.  You do not want your dog to become confused.  This will only lead to your frustration as well as the dogs.


Consider using treats when you are going through Chihuahua training.  This dog is extremely willing to work hard if they know that they are going to be rewarded with a treat.  Because they work so hard for their treats, you will want to make sure that you do not feed your dog a large meal before you begin training.  If he or she is not hungry they may not be willing to work for the treat.


If your dog does not follow a command correctly, you are not going to yell harshly to your dog.  You are going to simply say no and avoid giving him or her a treat.  You will then begin the command and the steps over again.  The more you do this, the quicker your dog is going to learn what you actually want them to do.  They are going to work very hard for that treat and they will eventually pick up the positive behavior you are trying to teach.


Everyone loves having a pet to share their time with.  It is even more enjoyable when your pet knows the rules and can be a positive member of the family.  A dog is just like a child in many ways.  He or she is not going to automatically know right from wrong.  You have to teach this.  If you choose not to teach your dog obedience, you can only blame yourself for negative behaviors.

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