Chorkie Puppies

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Chorkie puppies

Chorkie Puppies


A Beginner’s Guide to Chorkie Puppies

There are many dog hybrids on the market right now, but none of them are as cute and cuddly as Chorkie puppies. By becoming educated about dog hybrids and Chorkies, it will become quite easy to determine if a Chorkie is the right choice for you.


The Yorkie-Chihuahua Mix

Chorkie PuppiesA Chorkie puppy, often times called a Yorkie-Chi, a Yorkihuahua, or a Chia-Yorkie, is a dog hybrid that is made by cross breeding a purebred Chihuahua and a purebred Yorkshire terrier. Dog hybrids are not considered to be purebred, but are still quite respected and considered to be valuable in the dog world. Many dog hybrids do not qualify for dog shows and similar associations. However, in recent months, the Chorkie has grown in popularity and is now recognizable by the American Canine Hybrid Club.


The Hybrid (Crossbreed) Controversy

Chorkie PuppiesSome potential pet owners shy away from purchasing a dog hybrid based on the fact that temperament and breed characteristics are uncertain. When choosing a dog hybrid, it’s best to take into consideration all character traits of both breeds and know that a new hybrid puppy will have any combination or variety of those characteristics. On the opposite side, some may argue that dog hybrids are the better choice. By taking the best of both breeds and combining them, healthier dogs are created. As a result, genetic defects are lessened and quality puppies are bred. The Chorkie puppy is an excellent example of this. Very few health defects have been found to re-occur in a Chorkie.


Physical Traits

Since both breeds are small, the Chihuahua and Yorkshire terrier, a Chorkie puppy can fit in the palm of your hand. Color, height, and weight usually vary depending on the puppy’s parents, but their weight rarely exceeds 7 pounds. The Chorkie will usually take after the Yorkshire terrier more in appearance than the Chihuahua breed. Most popular colors for Chorkies are the tan or black colored puppies. Bred because of the popularity of the Chihuahua’s intelligence and Yorkshire terrier’s looks, most popular Chorkie choices are those that have the large ears of the Chihuahua and the wavy, silky fur of the Yorkshire terrier.


Choosing A Chorkie Puppy

Chorkie PuppiesAs stated previously, temperaments may vary depending on the parents. When researching the purchasing of a Chorkie, it’s important to choose a reputable breeder with both parents on site.  By interacting with the parents of a Chorkie puppy, it will be easier to gauge the temperament of their puppy. A reputable breeder should provide the new owner with a detailed health history of both the parents and the puppies. Previous shot records and vet visits should be documented. Also helpful is noting the type of food the Chorkie puppies have been fed to make the transition to their new home as easy as possible.

When choosing a Chorkie puppy, you want to choose one that is inquisitive and alert. He may shy away from strangers initially, but should warm up to people quickly. Puppies are active, curious, and lovable. They need a highly patient owner who will have the time and dedication to take care of them. Because of their intelligence, Chorkie puppies will become easily bored and will pick up negative behaviors quickly if left alone for long periods of time.

To determine if Chorkie puppies are right for you, research and become educated about the many different kinds of breeds that are available on the market. Take a look at a few pictures of Chorkies. Their adorable faces sell themselves. Are you in search of a small, intelligent, curious creature that you can love and be loved in return? If so, Chorkie puppies may be the answer for you!

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