Corgi Adoption

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Corgi adoption

Corgi Adoption


Corgi Adoption What You Should Know About Corgi Adoption


Corgi adoption may be the way for you to go if you are considering adopting a new pet for your home.  There are several things that you are going to want to keep in mind before you adopt your new pet.  Make sure that you think of all of these things and have clear answers and expectations before you begin your search.  Many of these things are also very important if you are going to be adopting a corgi puppy.


First of all, you are going to want to make sure that you are going to have plenty of time to work with your puppy and have time to house train him or her.  You are not going to expect your puppy to already be trained are you?  Therefore, you need to be willing to commit the time necessary to train the puppy.  A puppy can only hold its bladder for one hour for each month that it is old.  So, if you have a two month old puppy it is going to need to go outside every two hours.  You need to be able to commit to this in the middle of the night as well.  You do not want your puppy to be uncomfortable or have any accidents.  Your goal is to keep these things from happening.  If you are looking at corgi adoption, be sure you will have time to walk your dog often and train him good behavior.  Keep in mind that many adult dogs are housebroken before they leave the shelter.  You can always ask the workers if the dog is trained or not before you adopt.  If he or she is not, it should not take him or her long to learn.


Puppies are going to chew and get into things that they are not supposed to be into.  When you are considering corgi adoption you should remember this as well.  Are you going to have the time to watch your puppy so that they do not get into trouble?  You do not want your puppy to eat anything that is going to make him or her sick.  You will need to supervise your puppy closely for some time until they learn what they can and can not do.  It is going to be very important for you to work with your puppy and teach them these things as well.


Remember that if you are considering corgi adoption you would be saving the life of a corgi puppy or adult.  They are very loyal.  It is almost as if they know that they are being saved.  Your new pet is going to be very eager to please you and they are going to want to learn to meet your expectations.  Many people will often spend time researching the corgi dog and purchase them from breeders.  This contributes to more jobs being placed into shelters.  The workers within the shelters will often work very hard to help with a corgi adoption.  They are going to find a way to help the dog be placed in the appropriate home.  They want the dog to be happy just as much as you do.  No one wants to think about animals being put to sleep or destroyed because they can not be placed with good homes.


Finally, if you are considering corgi adoption, please consider adopting an adult dog.  Often times everyone wants to adopt a puppy.  This results in more adult dogs being left in the shelters.  These corgis need homes as well.  The shelter workers often spend a lot of time working with these adult dogs so that they will be better prepared for adoption.  You can ask the workers what the adult dogs are trained to do.  This is going to give you a better understanding of what to expect.

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