Dachshund Barking

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Dachshund barking

Dachshund Barking

Dachshund BarkingHow To Stop Dachshund Barking


It is important to control and stop dachshund barking early on in your dog’s life because he will not only be aggressive towards you, but also towards your guests and children. Barking is an issue that commences in early days and while it is not so much a problem for puppies, it becomes increasingly annoying when grown-up dogs do it and it is something that has to be addressed as soon as it occurs. You want to avoid embarrassing scenes of your dachshund barking at people in the street while going for a walk, and every dog owner wants a dog that can walk peacefully even when he is on his own. Excessive barking hints towards a problem and can lead to aggressive behaviour. This can become critical especially when the dig exhibits this behaviour in public. Here are a few tips on how to manage your dachshund in different situations.


Most important is that the owner has established a good relationship with the dog, preferably when the dachshund was still a cute little puppy. It is absolutely essential that your dog understands that you as the owner are the authority and the dominant figure- he must obey to your instructions. If the relationship building process has been successful, it is much easier to eliminate bad habits such as barking. It is not uncommon though to get a dog that is already grown up and while a puppy is easy to train, a grown-up dachshund can be a tricky student. No matter how annoying the situation is, do not hit, slap or beat the dog. Aggressive behaviour from the owner will result in an aggressive dachshund. Barking can be eliminated by following a few simple steps that only require consistency and patience from the owner.


Dachshund barking, like any other barking, is very problematic when there are guests, so try this little exercise and repeat it as often as you can. Choose a friend or family member that is a stranger to your dog and invite them over. Discuss your barking problem prior to the visit and make sure your guest is informed and prepared. Before the doorbell rings, take your dog to its usual sleeping area and say ‘Sit’. Before you leave it there, tell it to ‘Stay!’ Your dachshund will certainly get up and run to the door when it rings, but you must be consistent: take your dog back to the designated area and repeat a firm and sharp ‘Stay!’ You must stay consistent and patient, repeat this as often as necessary before you can finally let your guest in. Your guest is aware of this because you have told them in advance, and they will not mind waiting outside if they have agreed to help you. It is important not to yell at the dog or use any physical aggression as this will make the situation more critical.


If the dachshund barking becomes a routine when you leave the dog alone, there is another exercise you may want to try out. Drive along the road with your dog and stop at a random place, leaving the dog alone in the car. Surely, your dachshund will lose its temper and bark as loud as it can, fearing that you will not return. Ignore your dog, walk away without looking back and wait until the dog has calmed down, no matter how long it takes. Once that is accomplished, go back into the car and show no reaction even if your dog is overly happy to see you. If you cuddle and get excited to be back, your dachshund will get the impression that you missed them, but you must get across a particular message: You as the owner cannot always be there, and there is no reason for heartbreaks when you leave the dog alone.


If you yell at the dachshund, barking will increase because your dog does certainly not understand what you are saying, and it may think you are also barking! If nothing works and the barking seems to continue, you must seek professional advice. Dog trainers are available everywhere and they can help you to train your dachshund and transform it into a dog that is a joy to all.

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