Daschund Facts

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Daschund facts

Daschund Facts

Daschund Facts Amazing Daschund Facts


There are a variety of Daschund facts of which most people may be unaware. Some of these facts about this breed may be entertaining, while others are regarding the history of these fun and loving dogs. Throughout this article we will explore Daschund facts that you may not know to heighten your knowledge of these wonderful pets.


The first set of Daschund facts we will examine revolves around the breed’s origination and historical background. Daschunds are originally a German companion that was primarily used for hunting from the early 1900s. These original German hunters actually used these dogs to hunt badgers. Believe it or not, Daschund actually means “badger dog” or “hold dog.” These little dogs were not only created to hunt these badgers, but were also trained to actually go in the holes the badger burrow themselves in and keep the badger from escaping.


Since this time, these dogs have been used to hunt a variety of other animals including boar. When hunting, they generally seek out the prey and bark to alert the hunter of the precise location. Furthermore, if the animal proceeds to run, the Daschund will keep on its heels and attempt to back it into a place in which it is cornered. On the other hand, these German hunting dogs have become extremely popular within the United States as family pets.


The second set of Daschund facts revolve around a very unique dog that goes by the name Brutus. There is a dog within this breed that has actually skydived multiple times with his owner. The pair has made over one hundred jumps from a plane, which is evidence to the Daschund’s loyalty and trust in their owners. As you can see, a Daschund will literally follow you anywhere!


The third set of Daschund facts primarily deals with their temperament and physical characteristics. Although the two facts above were very educational (the first) and entertaining (the second), this set is designed to explain to you the general attributes of any Daschund. These amazing pets tend to weight around nine or ten pounds, making them perfect for burrowing in holes in search of their prey. They are extremely playful and intelligent animals. These dogs have a unique body structure that makes them prone to spinal injuries if not properly cared for and held appropriately (like a football in the owner’s arm). These dogs are amazing barkers and prove to be relatively intimidating due to the massive size of their lungs. No wonder the prey stops cold when they start barking. This attribute makes them fantastic house guard dogs.


The final set of facts relates to the expense of these lovely family pets and hunting dogs. Believe it or not, they can be quite expensive ranging anywhere from $250 to $1,200 depending on the breeder. However, they are able to be AKC registered if they meet the appropriate breed qualifications.


These Daschund facts are geared toward educating you on facts that you may not previously be aware of, while also providing a great deal of entertainment. Who would not want a dog that will not only help you hunt down pray if properly trained, but will also jump from a plane with you (note this is a very extreme case)? Furthermore, they are excellent with children if properly assimilated into an environment with children while they are still young. If you wish for a guard dog, this animal is a perfect addition to your household due to their loyalty and genuine concern for their family members. Anyone wishing to add a relatively small, clever, independent dog to your family should look into the Daschund breed.

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