Jug Puppies

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Jug puppies

Jug Puppies

Facts About Jug Puppies

Jug PuppiesUnless you read a lot of dog magazines, you are probably not aware that there is a new kind of dog called a Jug, and that you can now purchase Jug puppies. So far, it is not a breed on its own. In fact, there are breeders who say it is irresponsible to breed a Jug, because you are crossing two distinctly separate breeds without knowing what kind of problems might develop in terms of physical characteristics and temperament.


What are Jug puppies? They are not puppies who can fit into a jug, or who like to play with jugs or sleep next to jugs. They are actually quite aptly named because Jug puppies are a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Pug. Based on the comments of breeders who have bred Jug puppies and those who own them, the cross between the two breeds works out perfectly.


Jug PuppiesJugs are certainly not recognized by the AKC, at least not yet, but it is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club. It will depend on the parents and their genetics, but most Jug puppies have a face that looks like a Pug and a body that looks more like the Jack Russell. They tend to have a short, smug nose. Jug puppies also are more apt to have the curly, Pug tail. They usually grow up to be between 10 and 14 inches high and in the 10-18 pound weight range.


Behavioral Traits


Jug PuppiesJugs have a temperament that is a mix of Jack Russell and Pug characteristics. How much they get of one or the other is mostly a matter of luck. Your Jug will have a personality that is pretty much his or her own. Jack Russell terriers were bred to get rid of rodents in barns and to go fox hunting. Therefore, they are going to go after rodents and any other small animal that runs. If you have a pet mouse, rat, or rabbit, it is wise to keep him in his cage.


Because the Jack Russell’s mission was to rid the neighborhood of rodents, they also pursued the rodents who ran underground. That means that your Jug might be a digger. It also means that your dog is going to need a considerable amount of exercise if you want a calm dog in the house and not a hyper one. Jack Russell terriers are pretty much fearless and so are Pugs. That characteristic is one that is sure to carry over into Jug puppies.




Jug PuppiesA Jug should benefit from the sociability of the Jack Russell. Both breeds are also very intelligent so a Jug puppy should be very smart and easy to train. You will want to give your puppy some obedience training when he or she is old enough, or the Jug may think he can dominate you into doing exactly what he wants.


Buying Tips


Jug PuppiesJug puppies are so adorably cute that they could probably wear down the heart of even the most hardened skeptic. However, if you do decide to purchase a Jug puppy, don’t just jump at the first one you find listed on the internet. Find a responsible breeder who, if possible, has second-generation Jugs. That way, it will be possible to see pictures of other litters and even talk to some of the owners. If they are honest and reputable breeders, they will give you references.


Find out what the temperament is of the mom and dad. Hopefully, you will be able to meet the parents and see for yourself what kind of disposition they have. If you have children, especially small children, you will want to know if these dogs are going to be good around them. You should find that both parents are friendly, intelligent and playful.


Good breeders will let you take all the time you want in picking out your puppy. They won’t mind any of the dozens of questions you might want to ask. If they are really in it for the dogs, and not just the money, they are going to be asking you a number of questions as well to see if you are going to make a suitable owner of one of their Jug puppies.

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