Maltipoo Puppies

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Maltipoo puppies

Maltipoo Puppies


6 Tips For Training Maltipoo Puppies


Because they are highly intelligent little dogs, proper training Maltipoo puppies is essential for having a happy adult Maltipoo member of your family for years to come.  The bond of trust, mutual respect, and understanding you develop during training with your dog will remain as the cornerstone of your relationship between you and your dog.  Some basic principles of training apply when teaching Maltipoo puppies.


1. First and foremost, consistency in training is critical.  That means that not only do you have to consistently address the behaviors of your Maltipoo puppy, but everyone who comes into contact with your puppy needs to be on the same page as well with regard to training.  For example, even if you correct your puppy every time he begs at the dinner table, if someone else is slipping them treats during the main course, the puppy will learn that it is acceptable behavior to beg for table scraps, just not from you.  Therefore, you should discuss your puppy’s training with all of the other members of your family and decide how you would like to go about correcting the behavior problem when it occurs.  Also related to consistency, make sure that you use the same command and hand gesture each time.  For example, there is a difference between “sit”, “sit down”, and “sit down right now”.  By using the same exact command each time, you are getting your point across loud and clear.


2. Say what you mean and mean what you say… one time only.  If you repeat yourself over and over before correcting your dog, you are teaching your dog that he doesn’t really have to listen to you the first time you say something or give a command.  He may learn that he only really has to listen to you if you are yelling at him.  This can become very frustrating for a pet owner and causes many dog owners to resent their animals for doing exactly what they taught them to do.

3. Praise, praise, and praise some more.  Your dog wants to please you.  The best way to teach your dog what you want and to get results is to be very generous with your praise when he does do what you asked him to do.  When your dog is praised for responding to you correctly, you increase the likelihood that he will respond in the same way the next time he is in the same situation.  Food or treats can also be powerful motivators, but keep in mind that it only works as a motivator as long as the dog is hungry.  Verbal praise and petting are better for long-term training.


4. Be nonviolent.  Beating your dog when he misbehaves does not effectively teach your dog to respond how you want him to respond.  The only thing that beating your dog teaches him for certain is that humans hit dogs.  Your Maltipoo is an intelligent puppy, and you do not have to hit your puppy very many times before your puppy learns to mistrust people.


5. Be smart about training.  Do not tell your Maltipoo to do something if you cannot make him do it.  For example, do not call your dog if you cannot follow through with the correction immediately if he does not come when he is called.


6. Be prepared.  Make sure you have all of the tools you need for training available before you give the command.  If you give a treat to your dog to praise him for coming, then be sure to have them on hand and ready or your command will have far less impact in the future.


Maltipoo puppies are very intelligent little dogs that learn quickly.  By applying these basic principles of training, you can be sure that your Maltipoo puppy will learn the lessons you want him to learn and will become a well-mannered and treasured member of your family.

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