Mini Chihuahua

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Mini chihuahua

Mini Chihuahua

Mini Chihuahua Some Interesting Facts About The Mini Chihuahua


The mini Chihuahua is a Chihuahua that is actually smaller than the normal breed size.  But we are going to look at some interesting facts related to this breed of dog so that you will better understand what this actually means.  This dog was named after a city in Northern Mexico called Chihuahua.  It is thought that the dog was descended from ancient royal Aztec pets.  The coat of the dog can be long or short haired and they are often brown, black, white or even spotted.  This dog is extremely loyal to its owner but it is very jealous of other people that are close to its owner.  This includes other pets that the owner may have.  However, it can help if you socialize your new pet with other animals.  Keep in mind that this breed tends to like being around other Chihuahuas.


First, the dog should not weigh any more than 6 pounds when it is finally an adult.  Now, your dog may weigh more based on its diet but 6 pounds is the ideal size if you are going to show your dog at competitions.  You can get a pretty good idea of how much your dog is going to weigh by the time that he/she is eight weeks old.  You can do this using the harmer correlation.  Remember that just because these dogs are small does not mean that they are concerned with their size.  They will often confront larger dogs and animals without any thought.  This will often result in injury to the Chihuahua.


The smallest breed of the mini Chihuahua is the teacup.  This dog only weighs one to two pounds when it is finally full grown.  This dog can fit in the palm of you hand or in a teacup.  This is how it got its name.  These dogs like to burrow into blankets and pillows.  Therefore, you must be very careful that you do not sit on the dog.  This could kill the pet.  You also want to make sure that you do not let it jump off of the sofa because it can hurt itself.  A good rule of thumb is to never let this animal jump off of anything that is more than two times its height as it can break a leg.


These small animals can often have numerous health problems related to their small size.  Because of the measures that are taken to breed them, they can have internal problems.  One breeder also noted that sometimes, there may not even been enough room in the dog’s mouth for all of its teeth.  The bones of the mini Chihuahua are very delicate and the pet should always be handled with care.  These complications make it difficult for the mini Chihuahua to be a good house pet.  It is actually recommended that normal families do not have these dogs as everyday house pets.  They are not able to go through all of the normal, everyday activities that a house dog would be able to go through.  It would not be a good idea to have one of these as a pet in a home with children either.  Small children may hurt the animal because of its size.  It may also be stepped on or sat on while children are playing. The dog also needs constant attention so they may become jealous of children.


The mini Chihuahua is not generally very picky about where they live.  They do not need a lot of space because of their size so they may make a good pet for someone that lives in an apartment.  They enjoy outside activities but it is not required.  They also enjoy spending time out with their owners.  They may not be picky about what they eat either but as an owner you should use caution.  You do not want to over feed this dog and you want him/her to be healthy.  Talk to your vet about what food is best and always have your dog checked on a regular basis.

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