Mini Shar Pei

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Mini shar pei

Mini Shar Pei

Mini Shar PeiMini Shar-Pei Facts

The Mini Shar-Pei is a wrinkly dog that is great for any family that prefers a relatively quiet, relaxing environment. The appearance is quite unique with the head being a little larger than the rest of the body. In terms of color, there are a variety including blue, black, cream, red, etc. Being relatively muscular and set apart from other dogs by highly defined wrinkles, the Mini Shar-Pei comes from China and is great for any loving family.

Specifically known for the playfulness, these animals are ideal for families with children of all ages. Furthermore, they are extremely intelligent making housebreaking and training easy compared to other breeds. Being clean by nature, you will rarely find yourself picking up after your precious new pet. Furthermore, they are quiet, requiring less attention and less likely to go stir crazy when inside for an extended period of time.

In terms of loyalty, these animals quickly attach to their family members, but remain very calm and kind to strangers as well, but still suspicious of them. Children in generally are typically not a problem for this breed as long as they are introduced to kids while they are still within the puppy stage. Furthermore, the Mini Shar-Pei is a brave little animal which proves to be calm and independent, despite its appearance as if it is frowning. In all actuality, this pet is great to be around and is relatively outgoing and playful.

It is essential to note that this breed of dog requires a leader or owner that is able to take control in a caring, calm manner. Without consistent discipline, the dog is sure to feel as if he or she is in complete control, which is unacceptable for any household pet. To ensure that this does not happen, be sure to set strict boundaries and follow through with gentle discipline. With respect to other dogs, the Mini-Shar-Pei should be socialized while it is still young to get used to being around other dogs.


Being a medium-sized dog, these pets tend to weight anywhere from about twenty to forty pounds. In regards to medical issues, some Shar-Pei dogs are known for having skin problems, but it is essential to note that these problems are not associated to their wrinkly skin. Instead, as with most medical issues, they are genetic and therefore inherited.


This breed is suitable for apartments and homes without yards; however, they will need to be walked in order to guarantee they are receiving a decent amount of exercise. Please note that these dogs are extremely sensitive to high temperatures so be careful when trying to exercise your dog during the summer months. During these times, it may be best for you to walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid overheating your pet.


Grooming is necessary for this breed. Although most dogs within this breed hate water, they should be bathed regularly as well as brushed. Shedding is not a major problem, but as with almost all dogs it does shed throughout the year. However, it is not recommended that you get this breed’s hair trimmed.


As with all dogs, it is highly recommend that you take your dog on a walk daily to combat behavioral problems. A Mini Shar-Pei, as with any other breed, is likely to develop behavioral problems with inconsistent leadership and discipline. Be sure to be calm and caring when disciplining your animal. Never neglect them and provide necessary attention, without going overboard. It is important for those wishing to own a Mini Shar-Pei to socialize the dog at a young age to avoid aggressive behavior.
In conclusion, a Mini Shar-Pei can be a great addition to your family with its unique appearance. Typically demonstrating a great temperament if properly trained and disciplined, these animals can be great around children, other dogs, strangers, and even cats. This loving dog tends to bark infrequently except when being playful or when they are scared. All in all, this animal is very caring and outgoing making it ideal for families wishing to invest in a new pet.

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