Miniature Boston Terrier

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Miniature boston terrier

Miniature Boston Terrier

How To Keep A Miniature Boston Terrier

Miniature Boston Terrier

Physical Traits


When full grown, a miniature Boston terrier only weighs 10 pounds and stands at 15 inches. These adorable little dogs would be a great addition for a family that does not want to commit to owning and caring for a larger dog. They have big brown eyes and perky ears. Their hair is short and smooth; they will not have a shedding problem and are easy to groom.



Miniature Boston TerrierThe American miniature Boston terrier is a mixed breed. The Bulldog, Bull terrier and Boxer breeds are combined to produce one of these dogs. They were formerly known as the American bull terriers, but bulldog breeders complained that they were not fully bulldogs and bull terrier breeders also objected. So the name of the breed was changed and the American Kennel Club (AKC) agreed and changed the name officially.




Miniature Boston terriers are playful, spunky, little dogs. Although they tend not to bark too much, they are protective of their family and surroundings. They have times throughout the day when they are full of energy, but they love to cuddle and are very affectionate as well. These dogs are exceptional pets for small children because of their energy levels. They can keep up with a child and also be a friendly companion.

Since the dogs are so small, it’s a good idea to keep them inside. Walking the dog in cold or hot weather for a few minutes is fine. Any dog that size cannot handle living outdoors, but if you live in a smaller house or apartment, it shouldn’t be a problem to set up a small bedding and food area for the puppy.




Miniature Boston TerrierWhen it comes to feeding a miniature Boston terrier, less is better. They should get no more than 3 small sized meals a day, and should be fed at the same time every day. Use the same kind of food every time and make sure to stick to the schedule. If you do not do this, the puppy’s health might suffer and this might cause him to have intestinal problems in the future. Because these dogs are so small, it is also not a good idea to overfeed them. Avoid giving them any ‘people’ food or anything that is very high in fat.




Miniature Boston TerrierOther than a bad chewing problem, these puppies are easy to train. Always make sure they have toys to teeth on and they will leave your household items alone. Since they have sprits of energy every so often, this would be a great time to start to train them. They are curious by nature and enjoying learning new things. You should start training the puppy as soon as you take him home. This way, you can introduce the rules of the house at a young age to encourage good habits when the pup grows up. Just like feeding time, set up a time every day to play with and train the dog.




You don’t have to worry about taking miniature Boston terriers on long walks. If the weather permits, a short time in a fenced in backyard should be enough exercise. Even if the dog is alone in a small house or apartment all day, he will still have room to move around. When you walk smaller dogs, as is the case with the miniature Boston terrier, keep in mind that his legs are shorter than yours, so limit walks to around the block or yard.


Medical Problems


Miniature Boston TerrierMiniature Boston terriers are prone to a few health problems. These include:


Miniature Boston TerrierLung problems

Miniature Boston TerrierEye problems

Miniature Boston TerrierHeat stroke

Miniature Boston TerrierGas problems

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