Miniature Daschund Puppies

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Miniature daschund puppies

Miniature Daschund Puppies

Miniature Daschund Puppies

Facts About Miniature Daschund Puppies


Miniature daschund puppies can be a joy to add to your family.  If you are considering purchasing a dog of this breed, you should take a moment and read this article.  You will get a better understanding of how the dog came to be.  You will also be able to make a more informed decision about selecting this dog for your family.


Types Of Daschunds


Miniature Daschund PuppiesDaschunds were originally bred to hunt hare early in the 16th century.  Originally from Germany, they are still very popular today and are still used for hunting.  Daschunds have very short legs and long bodies, and are often very smart and athletic.  This breed also comes in three different varieties related to the type of hair that they have.  They can be:


Miniature Daschund Puppies Smooth

Miniature Daschund Puppies Wire-haired

Miniature Daschund Puppies Long-haired


Daschunds typically weigh about 11 pounds.


Medical Conditions


Daschunds are prone to health problems like obesity and hip problems.  Epilepsy and various eye diseases may also be common for this type of dog. 


Temperament And Behavior


Miniature Daschund PuppiesMiniature daschund puppies are very loving animals.  However, because of their size, they can be snappy at times.  This may be a problem in a home where there are small children.  Therefore, you should consider this dog if you have older children that will not torment the dog.  It is also a breed of dog that can be jealous of other animals.  You may not want to consider a daschund if you have other animals.




Miniature Daschund PuppiesDaschunds are very easy to groom.  The smooth and wire-haired daschund will only need to be brushed once a week.  Wire-haired daschunds might also need to be professionally trimmed a few times a year.  The long-haired daschund may require slightly more care; it could benefit from being brushed daily.  This will keep its hair from being tangled and become matted.




Miniature Daschund PuppiesDaschunds have a great personality, but they are also strong-willed.  This makes it very difficult to train the dog.  As soon as your dog is introduced to your home, you need to let him or her know who the boss of the house is.  This can make training a lot easier for you and your family.  Crate training may help with several training issues, but housebreaking this breed of dog can be very time consuming and frustrating. 


It is recommended that you socialize your daschund and begin training very early.  You also want to be very firm, but patient, because miniature daschund puppies do not respond very well to harsh measures.  You should always use positive reinforcement as a way to motivate your dog. You may also want to consider enrolling your dog in an obedience class.


Selecting Miniature Daschund Puppies


Miniature Daschund PuppiesAlways consider what options you have for bringing miniature daschund puppies into your home.  You may want to adopt or find a rescue mission.  Whichever you select, keep in mind that your puppy may have a history that you are going to have to work with.  Your puppy’s past experiences will affect its temperament.  Because of this, you should always find out all you can about the dog’s past.  This is going to help you select the puppy that is best for you.

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