Miniature Dobermans

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Miniature dobermans

Miniature Dobermans


The Truth About Miniature Dobermans


Miniature Dobermans are actually miniature pinschers.  This is an interesting piece of information because many people often believe that they are the same breed as Doberman pinschers but they are really miniatures of the pinscher breed.  They were breed in Germany originally and they were a breed of a terrier.  It is believed that they were actually bred with the sole purpose of keeping the numbers of rats in horse stables down.


Miniature Dobermans make wonderful pets for anyone that is looking for a smaller dog that gives the effect of a large, mean watchdog.  They have a great spirit and amazing personalities that make them a delight to own.  They are also very easy to train and this is a characteristic that is worth mentioning because that takes a lot of stress out of owning a new dog.


You will also notice with miniature Dobermans that they have very short hair.  This makes it nice because you will not need to worry about keeping him or her groomed all of the time.  It is also nice to know that they will not shed a lot so they are not going to be leaving large piles of dog hair all over your home and furniture.  It is important to have the tail docked if you are going to own one of these dogs but you have the option of having the ears cropped or not.  Some people do and some people do not.


Miniature Dobermans seem to act a lot larger than they actually are.  Given the fact that they are only approximately 10 pounds when they are full grown, it is interesting to know that they can become aggressive with other dogs.  They also tend to bark a lot so you will want to work on this during obedience training.  They seem to do well with small children and other animals such as cats and birds; they just get angry at other dogs sometimes.  If your miniature Doberman is new in your home and you have other pets, you may want to introduce them to each other very slowly.  Give your new pet an opportunity to socialize with others at his or her own pace.  This is going to decrease stress and help him or her adapt.


If you have a miniature Doberman you are going to want to keep small objects away from your pet.  This is because they love to chew on small toys and other types of objects that can often become lodged in his or her throat.  You will want to be sure to avoid this by keeping children’s toys and such out of the dogs reach.


You will not need to worry about your dog being prone to any special diseases or illnesses because this breed of dog is not really susceptible to any major issues like cancer or things of that nature.  However, it is very important to be sure that you are keeping your dog well protected in the winter time when he or she needs to go outside.  They do not have a lot of fat on them and they can become very cold very quickly.  You want to keep your dog comfortable.  Maybe you could even invest in a rain coat or sweater that your dog can wear when it is going to be really cold outside.


If you are interested in getting a miniature Doberman you will be making a good choice.  They are great with kids and they are often very loyal to their owners.  They are going to train easily so this will decrease some of your stress.  However, take it slow when you introduce your new pet to other household animals.  It will be safer for everyone.

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