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Miniature pugs

Miniature Pugs


Miniature Pugs Facts About Miniature Pugs


Pocket pugs, teacup pugs, miniature pugs; these are all different names for the same adorable, small dog that are wildly popular as pets.  Before beginning a search for the little dog, however, people should be aware of some facts about the breed.


The most important fact to realize when considering the purchase of this breed is that the dog is not a recognized breed with the American Kennel Club Association or many other major clubs dealing with dog breeding.  The full sized pug, which is the biggest of the toy dog category, is not only a recognized breed with the AKC but one of the oldest breeds as well.  The toy variety, however, is not a full breed pug.  The type of dog commonly referred to as miniature pugs are actually a mixed breed; a cross between a Chihuahua as the dam and a full sized pug as the sire.  This combination produces a dog that is very similar in appearance to a pug, but with a slightly longer snout and much smaller size.  Its full weight at adulthood will only reach around 3 pounds.


Because the Chihuahua breed is the smallest AKC recognized dog breed in the world, breeding them is an extremely complex process; one that can prove to be life threatening to the dog and her pups.  While it is considered to be a safe process, it is one that should only be attempted by an experienced and knowledgeable breeder for the safety of the dogs.  The pups typically must be delivered by Cesarean section; an expensive but necessary venture due to the larger head size of the pups.  However, when performed by a veterinarian or breeder who is well versed in dealing with the toy dogs, the breeding and delivery can be quite successful.


Miniature pugs are extremely delicate dogs because of their small size.  Therefore, more care will be needed in handling and living with such a tiny creature.  One of the biggest risks is in simple daily life.  Dogs generally scamper about the house, often following their beloved humans around from room to room.  When the dog is a very small breed such as the pocket pug, this places them in grave danger of being stepped upon unintentionally.  One such accident could be highly injurious to the fragile pet.  Additional considerations would be required in traveling with the dog.   Because of the diminutive size, outdoor weather conditions can adversely affect the pet, so they should be attired in dog clothing to protect them when being walked or carried outside.  Taking the dog in the car can also present special problems.  While all dogs should be restrained when in the car, toy dogs like miniature pugs are particularly vulnerable to flying off the seat in cases of sudden stops or turns.


Health wise, these small pugs are not generally susceptible to specific health problems when they are expertly bred.  Vet visits scheduled on a regular basis will suffice.  Take care to know the breeder from whom you acquire your toy dog, however.  Many unscrupulous people, eager to cash in on the popularity that these tiny canines attract, breed the wrong dog types as they attempt to produce miniatures.  These are the unfortunate dogs that are likely to suffer from illnesses and defects.


Owning one of these miniature pugs can be very rewarding for the pet owner who is knowledgeable about the breed.  The owner must be content knowing that the little dog will only ever be a pet and not a show dog and be able to enjoy it as such.   Certainly they are winning and lovable pets even if they will never receive an award in an arena.

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