Miniature Rottweiler

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Miniature rottweiler

Miniature Rottweiler

Miniature Rottweiler The Truth About The Miniature Rottweiler


Many people have recently been on a search for breeders who raise the Miniature Rottweiler puppies. Breeders around the country are claiming to have these “pure bred” puppies for sale at quite an expensive price. However, it is essential to note that no “Miniature Rottweiler” is a purebred dog. You may have a smaller Rottweiler, but what people are claiming to be these miniature versions are actually a mix between a Rottweiler and a Miniature Pinscher. Therefore, this article will examine the characteristics of each breed so that if you get one of these dogs, you can get an idea of the range of temperament it may exhibit.


Physical Characteristics Of Rottweilers


Miniature RottweilerRottweiler dogs are extremely muscular and powerful in build. Furthermore, Rottweilers are black with brown on the legs/paws, cheeks, and even on the snout. Their coat is very thick and short in length. Some people believe Rottweilers express complete loyalty and dedication, while others view them as fierce. In terms of size, they can range from about 85 to 130 pounds when full grown. Life expectancy is between ten and twelve years.


Behavior And Temperament Of Rottweilers


Regardless of the perception these animals may give off, most Rottweilers are very calm in nature. Note that although these animals may have a certain temperament, as with any dog, training and discipline has a direct result on their behavior. These animals are more loyal than one would imagine and is capable of withstanding a great deal of pain like a champ. Not only are they defensive, but they are also very intelligent. It is absolutely essential for these pets to have a stern leader who is consistent. They need no know the boundaries, as with any animal. Anyone owning a Rottweiler should socialize it to a variety of people as well as animals at an early age in order to achieve the best results. All in all, this breed makes a great companion as long as they are properly trained.


Physical Characteristics Of Miniature Pinschers


Miniature RottweilerNow let’s examine the other half of the “Miniature Rottweiler” makeup, the Miniature Pinscher. Similar to Rottweilers, these dogs are relatively muscular, but they are a lot smaller in size. Their coat is also very short and easy to manage. Black and brown are also the colors of this breed, making it relatively easy to breed with a Rottweiler. They only weigh eight to ten pounds, so you can see how breeding with this dog will drastically decrease the size of the Rottweiler-mixed puppies. Life span is typically in the range of fifteen years.


Behavior And Temperament Of Miniature Pinschers


Miniature RottweilerIn terms of temperament, the Miniature Pinscher is extremely proud and fearless. Like the Rottweilers, they are very loyal and intelligent. As long as they are raised properly, this breed produces dogs that are great with children of all ages as well as other animals. Proper socialization is absolutely essential while they are still young. It is important for you to set rules and be consistent with discipline. Although they learn quickly, be sure to housetrain early and be on the lookout for any small wet spots. Again, as with all dogs, the way they are raised has a direct result on their behavioral characteristics.


Beware Of Irreputable Breeders


Miniature RottweilerWith both animals having similar colors and body build, it is obvious why breeders are choosing to mix these two breeds to create a dog appearing to be a “Miniature Rottweiler.” The best way to determine the temperament these mixed dogs will have is by examining the characteristics of each breed as well as the parents. Be aware of breeders who are trying to sell these mixed puppies to you as purebred dogs at a steep price. Instead, be smart and pick a breeder that is upfront with you and can provide the history of your dog to give you a better idea of the actual temperament and size of the dog once he becomes an adult. In the end, do not fall for the “Miniature Rottweiler” myth.

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