Mongrel Puppies

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Mongrel puppies

Mongrel Puppies


Mongrel Puppies Five Amazing Facts About Mongrel Puppies


Many people house mongrel puppies. These pets go by many other common names including “mixed breed,” “mutt,” and “cross breed.” However, all four of these names are referring to the same type of dogs, those that are not purebred. Since these puppies are not from a certain breed, their size, temperament, and even health concerns completely vary. Furthermore, their color also ranges from black to white and all shades between. There really is no way to peg a mixed breed puppy. Although many people attempt to determine the exact breed of the parents, it is essential to understand that the parents may be mongrel puppies as well. Throughout this article we will examine great assets of having a mongrel dog added to your family.


By having ones of these beautiful dogs within your family it is very likely that you saved a life. Many of these mixed breed dogs are housed in pounds and once these pounds exceed the number of dogs they can care for, they are typically put to sleep permanently. By adopting one of these animals you will likely not only be saving the dog from being inside a cage day and night, but you may also keep it from being put under. This is the most important reason that most people look into adopting mongrel puppies into their homes.


Furthermore, these little creatures are said to give a special kind of love. These pets are aware of the inhumane conditions in which they have previously been living; therefore, they are more likely to show sighs of complete adoration and appreciation to you for saving them if you pick up one off the street or go through the adoption process. Most mongrel dogs are not used to having someone care about them on a consistent basis and will welcome your care and affection with open arms. Some of these dogs may have even come from places in which they were beaten—having a loving home means more to these dogs than some people realize.


One of the best features of mongrels is that they are each completely unique. Being one of a kind truly is a great characteristic to have in a pet and companion. Most purebred dogs are very predictable and look very similar to one another. However, mixed dogs are extremely unique not only in appearance, but also in terms of temperament.


Most people are completely unaware of this next fact: most have better all-around health. Since these dogs are not purebred, they may be able to avoid genetically passed down diseases that are commonly found in purebred dogs. Therefore, these pets tend to live a lot longer allowing your special bond to last for years longer than pedigree dogs that are usually inbred.


Finally, these mongrels tend to have a relatively high intelligence level. Furthermore, believe it or not, these mixed puppies are generally more intelligent than most purebred dogs. Furthermore, they have been through a good bit and tend to possess a great deal of common sense. They have had to do whatever they can to take care of themselves, which most purebred dogs will never experience.


As you can see, there are a variety of benefits to adopting mongrel puppies or adding them to your household in general. Not only are you saving their lives, but also you are adding a companion to your home that is sure to love you unconditionally for your kindness. These dogs live longer, which will keep them in your life for many years to come. Furthermore, there is an extreme over-population of dogs as you can see by the variety of strays walking the streets as well as those being housed within animal shelters; by adopting a mixed dog you are reducing the number of dogs without a safe, comfortable, loving home. With shelters become extremely full and lack the amenities and funding to properly care for these animals, it is time that people start adopting these unique animals as opposed to going down the designer route. At the very least, take a free purebred puppy from your local newspaper instead of paying hundreds for those that are purebred—in the end you are likely to get a better deal.

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