Moodle Puppies

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Moodle puppies

Moodle Puppies

Facts About Moodle Puppies

Moodle PuppiesThe offspring of the Maltese and a Poodle is frequently referred to as Moodle puppies. However, these puppies go by a wide variety of names including the Maltipoo and Malt-a-Poo. Each of these names is used to describe the hybrid dog described above. Throughout the article, we will examine the temperament and specifics of these mixed-breed Moodle puppies.


As you can tell, there is very little consistency in the name of this hybrid dog. As with any hybrid dog, these Moodle puppies are likely to create any combination of the Maltese and Poodle traits. The mixture of a Poodle with other dogs has become very popular as mainstream moves towards toy and designer dogs over the last few years. Most people wish to mix their toy dogs with Poodles in order to decrease the amount of shedding throughout the house and on clothing. However, these hybrid dogs are not able to be registered with either the AKC or the CKC (American and Canadian Kennel Clubs).


Physical Characteristics


In terms of size, the Maltipoo is generally around a foot tall and weighs anywhere from five to twelve pounds, consisting primarily of fur. These adorable little creatures can vary in color from black, white, apricot, buff, and grey, depending on the colors of the purebred Poodle and Maltese parents. Their coats are very fine and soft, frequently also being relatively frizzy.


Personality And Behavior


Moodle PuppiesIn terms of their personality and temperament, Maltipoo puppies tend to be extremely sweet and affectionate animals with a lot of energy. They are extremely loyal and highly intelligent. Training is relatively easy with these eager-to-learn dogs. If you socialize these dogs with other dogs, cats, and children, they are excellent with all three. Believe it or not, these little animals are frequently used for therapy; they often seek out those who are ill and shower them with love. However, they are not great guard dogs. This is a great dog for families with children and teenagers of all ages; they tend to love everyone they encounter, people and animals alike.


Moodle puppies have a relatively stringent exercise and grooming schedule. It is essential that they be bathed weekly and brushed daily in order to prevent matted hair from developing. However, these dogs do not shed a lot and tend to be dander free. Although these pets are relatively energetic, they are a bit hyper indoors and are able to fulfill their exercise requirements in houses and apartments. However, daily walks are recommended for all dogs to keep them mentally and physically healthy.




Moodle PuppiesIn terms of health, these dogs typically live anywhere from ten to fifteen years and can have anywhere from three to six puppies in each litter; the litter size is dependent upon the size of the dog as well as other factors. It is essential to note that Moodles frequently have issues with eye and skin disorders. These little puppies can become barkers if not properly trained. As with all dogs, make sure you are the leader and are consistent with discipline procedures.


In conclusion, Maltese and Poodle mixed puppies are heavenly in terms of being playful, affectionate, caring, and easy to live with. Being highly intelligent makes training relatively easy. These compassionate dogs are a great addition to families with children of all ages. Being frequently used for therapy, they are instinctive of those who are sick and often seek them out showing their high levels of care. Anyone seeking a great dog that is sure to be loyal should look into getting Moodle puppies to add to their family.

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