Norwich Terrier Puppies

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Norwich terrier puppies

Norwich Terrier Puppies


Facts About Norwich Terrier Puppies


Choosing a great companion dog begins with considering a breed from the working class of dogs; Norwich terrier puppies.  Long recognized as a social and loving dog, Norwich terriers have been an established AKC breed since 1936 and can make a wonderful addition as a pet for a family.


Choosing just the right breed of dog can be a challenging feat.  The prospective owner will need to determine what traits would be desirable in a pet.  Size is one consideration; since dogs can be small, medium or large, it may depend on the type of home or just the owner’s personal preference.  Interaction with the pet is another feature to consider.  Families with small children will need to ensure that the breed they choose is compatible with the tireless energy that children exhibit.  The type of home life that the owner has will also impact the breed; will the dog be alone most of the time?  Many dogs thrive in an atmosphere where they receive a great deal of attention, while others are content to greet their master at the end of the day and spend quality time with them.  And the characteristics of the dog will be a big consideration; there are calm, placid breeds or energetic breeds.  If you are looking for a mildly energetic dog that is an excellent and fierce watchdog yet great with children when acclimated to them, independent and loyal, a Norwich terrier may be the dog for you.


Introducing a new pet to a home can be an exciting time.  When the pet is a puppy, everyone in the family is eager to help train and teach the pet.  The Norwich terrier is the smallest of all of the working dogs, meaning that the puppies are also quite small.  If there are small children in the family, particular care will need to be taken when the children are handling the puppy.  The Norwich terrier loves children, however, so social interaction with them is vital while the dog is young.


It is important to know the background of the Norwich terrier to understand the breed.  Originating from England, the small dog was designed as a hunting animal for small rodents such as rats and even fox.  They have a natural strong hunting instinct that may be exhibited even in a home where small animals are kept as pets.  The dog may, for example, be inclined to chase and aggravate cats in the home.  If rabbits, hamsters or mice are in the home as pets, even more aggressive behavior may be shown.


Puppies for an AKC breed such as the Norwich terrier should always be obtained from a legitimate and knowledgeable breeder in order to ensure that the dogs are healthy and from good stock.  When seeking a pup, reputable breeders can be found through the registry with the American Kennel Club.  As soon as possible after choosing a pup and bringing it home, an appointment should be scheduled with the veterinarian to confirm the pup’s health and begin the preventative health maintenance program that should follow the dog throughout life.


Training Norwich terrier puppies can be a challenge.  Although the dog is eager to please its master, this breed is well known for its stubborn streak.  The sensitive nature of the dog does not respond well to sharp reprimands, so knowledge in training the breed is necessary for successful training.  It is best to find a good obedience training class for the dog as soon as possible to begin structured training while the pup is still young.


 The Norwich terrier makes a great pet for the right families.  Their loving behavior with family members have made them beloved additions to many homes.

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