Papillon Chihuahua

Papillon chihuahua

Papillon Chihuahua

Papillon Chihuahua

Facts About The Papillon Chihuahua


An adorable member of the hybrid dog classification, the papillon chihuahua can be a delightful pet when properly bred.


Many American Kennel Club recognized dog breeds are cross bred to develop new breeds of dogs.  Often, it is an attempt to merge two breeds with similar characteristics or similar appearances so as to capitalize on favorable features that pet owners desire in a pet, resulting in a hybrid dog.  Rarely does the hybrid cross the line to become a recognized breed with the American Kennel Club, but often they do become a beloved and highly sought after species as a pet.


Papillon ChihuahuaSuch is the case of the Papillon Chihuahua; also known as a Chion or Papihuahua.  This hybrid is the result of a cross between the AKC breeds Papillon and Chihuahua.  Both are toy breeds that are considered to have an elegant and distinguished demeanor, and were extremely popular pets of the upper class in their respective native lands.  The Chihuahua originated from Mexico, while the Papillon has its roots in France and Spain.


Both the Papillon and Chihuahua are known for their lively behaviors.  Compatible for living in apartments or in homes with yards, they each enjoy time out of doors but require little in the way of exercise.  Little grooming is generally needed for either breed, although brushing regularly keeps their coats soft and glowing.  Slight size differences exist between the two dogs classified under the toy breed; Papillon dogs are regarded in terms of height and should not measure over 12 inches tall, while Chihuahuas are judged by their weight, with 6 pounds being the standard.  One distinguishing feature of the Papillon that is unique from all other breeds is the “butterfly” ears many of the breed possess.


Papillon ChihuahuaCrosses between the two breeds seems to be a natural blend.  Although not a recognized breed, the “Chion” hybrid is a member of the American Canine Hybrid Club.  In order to qualify under the ACHC standards, the hybrid dog must be a cross between two pureblood dogs whose parentage and AKC qualities must be documented.  The Club attempts to differentiate between hybrids that are properly bred with appropriate purebloods as opposed to random breeders of dogs who cross undocumented breeds with the goal of making money on hybrid sales, not on the overall safety and health of the resulting dog.


A Papillon Chihuahua is a good match for a blended dog due to its similar qualities and characteristics.  The hybrid dog is a delightful toy size, and is a great lap dog.  The Chion can be fiercely protective of its owner one minute, and a calm, passive pet the next; depending on the owner‘s needs at the moment.  Because of their very small size, the dogs may not be the best choice of pet for families with small children, but with close supervision and training, can do well with children.


Papillon ChihuahuaWhen choosing a Papillon Chihuahua hybrid as a pet, it is vital to know the ancestry of the pup’s parents.  When well bred, the Papillon is a rather healthy dog with few problems.  The Chihuahua can be prone to epileptic and other disorders that are seizure related.  All toy breeds are susceptible to a disease called hydrocephalus, in which the bones of the skull are not a solid piece.  Knowledge of issues that may exist with parentage can head off a tragic situation.


The Chion can be the perfect choice as a pet for anyone who admires the qualities of the Papillon and the Chihuahua.  When properly bred and with documented parentage, this hybrid can prove to be a loving, friendly yet firmly loyal pet.

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