Poodle Training

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Poodle training

Poodle Training

Poodle Training How To Be Effective At Poodle Training


Poodle training may be the furthest thing from your mind until you own a poodle.  Then this skill becomes very necessary.  Learning to train any type of animal can be time consuming and frustrated unless you know what you are doing.  Each breed of dog responds differently to different kinds of training.  Therefore, it is important to know how to train your poodle so that he or she will learn quickly.


When you are poodle training you can teach your dog simple commands like come and how to go outside.  You do not have to go into elaborate commands unless you want to.  Regardless, this should be an enjoyable time between you and your pet.  You will want to start by making a list of the basics that you want your poodle to learn.  They will need to know the basics in case you do want to teach them more later on.


Once you have completed your list you will want to start teaching your dog the new commands.  You should remember to always keep the training positive.  You can do this by starting with something that your dog loves to do like playing fetch and ending with the same fun activity or something that else that your dog loves to do.  You will also want to remember that you need to keep the training sessions short because your puppy will most likely become bored after a while.  You do not want to be come frustrated or frustrate your poodle.  This will make it harder for your to teach and for your dog to learn.


Find someone that is quiet to teach your dog.  If you are going to be teaching in the evening you may want to remove the poodle from the children or other animals.  They need to be focused on what they are supposed to be learning.  You will not succeed if they are distracted and focusing on other things.  Again, this will only frustrate you and your dog, resulting in poor learning.  You should also train your dog in the same location and at the same time every day.  He or she will do much better with this structure and it may help your dog learn much quicker.


As you can see so far, poodle training is not that difficult if you follow some of these basic instructions.  Always give your dog some type of positive praise when he or she has done what they should have.  This is the most effective way to encourage your dog to continue with positive behavior and the training that you have taught them.  All dogs are eager to please and if they know that they have made you happy they are going to be more than willing to do it again.  Remember to praise the dog directly after they followed your command.  This makes the praise even more effective.  Do not give in and praise your dog unless they have done exactly what you wanted.  You do not want to be reinforcing negative behavior.


Keep in mind these common mistakes related to poodle training to help you be successful.  You should never try to teach your dog to many different tricks or commands at one time.  You will confuse your dog and it will be ineffective.  Never teach a new command or trick until your dog has completely learned the first one.  If you are going to have a few people working with your poodle be sure that everyone knows what training techniques you are using.  Your dog will learn better if everyone is on the same page.  Finally, be sure to continually review commands that your dog has already learned so that they do not forget them.

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