Pug Training

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Pug training

Pug Training

Pug Training Helpful Tips For Pug Training


Pug training does not have to be overwhelming or stressful for you or your dog.  As long as you know what to expect, and how to begin, you will be fine.  The article is going to examine some of the most common commands that are taught to our dogs as well as ways to help your pug learn them quickly.  If your dog values you and wants to earn your respect, he or she is going to learn much quicker.  It is recommended that you start training your dog when it is approximately eight weeks old.  Therefore, if you get a puppy that is any older than that, you are going to want to start training as soon as possible.


Before we get into specific commands, we are going to look at a few tips that you should keep in mind before you begin training your dog.  First of all, never let your pug puppy do anything as a puppy that you would not want it to do as an adult.  This includes jumping or biting at your hands and feet.  Also, as you begin pug training, keep the training sessions short because your puppy has a short attention span.  You do not want him or her to bet bored.  If they do, they will not work to please you and learn the commands.  Finally, make sure that you always review old commands that have already been learned.  This is important to help your dog remember everything that they have learned.


The first part of pug training that we are going to look at is leash training.  You will begin getting your pug ready for the leash by having him or her wear their collar for a few minutes at time.  This helps him or her get use to wearing it and they are not afraid of it.  Once you have done this you may want to attach a leash and let them wear it while you are playing with them.  You are not going to be guiding your dog around with this leash at this point.  You are simply letting your dog get use to it.  Once you are ready to get your dog to follow you with a leash on you are going to take a few steps and ask the dog to come.  If he or she will not come you will coax it with a treat.  Once the dog comes you will give it the treat and go a few more feet.  Be sure to be very enthusiastic and excited when your dog does what it is supposed to do.  This helps your dog learn better.


When working on pug training, everyone wants to know how to house train their dog so that it does not have accidents in the house.  You will start by putting your puppy in a crate.  You want a crate that is large enough for your dog to stand up in and move around comfortably.  You will place food and water in the crate for the dog to eat.  Once they are finished eating you will open the crate and say “outside” while guiding your dog to the door.  You will take your dog outside to an area that is safe for him or her to do their business.  You will give your dog praise and repeat the process throughout the day.  Keep in mind that your puppy is not going to be able to hold their bladder for as long as adult dog so you are going to need to complete this process every few hours (even at night).


Once you have the two basic pug training essentials down pat you can move onto other commands like sit, speak, come, and heal.  You do not want to confuse your dog so you will work slowly and introduce new things only once your dog has learned the first thing.  Be sure to review older commands as you go, keep the training sessions short and always give your dog lots of praise and attention.

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