Schnauzer Poodle

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Schnauzer poodle

Schnauzer Poodle


The Schnauzer Poodle – Schnoodle If You Prefer


Of all the hybrid breeds of dog, the schnauzer poodle, or schnoodle, as it us usually called, has to be one of the cutest. Coming from two breeds, both of whom are extremely intelligent, and have great temperaments, the schnoodle commonly exhibits the best characteristics of both breeds.


About The Hybrid  Or “Designer” Dog


A hybrid dog, at least one recognized by wither the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), or the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC), is a dog whose parents are each of a different breed, and each one is a pure breed. The schnauzer poodle is a hybrid, one of its parents being a pure bred poodle, the other a pure bred schnauzer. Whether the parents were standard, mini, or toy size, doesn’t matter. Both the schnauzer and the poodle come in three sizes, and no matter what the size, if one parent is a schnauzer and the other a poodle, their offspring will be genuine schnoodle puppies. Also, the true hybrid is a first generation hybrid, as opposed to a schnoodle whose parents may both be schnoodles, or one be a schnoodle and the other either a schnauzer or a poodle. This is not as confusing as it may sound. Such a dog is called a multi generational hybrid, but it is still a schnoodle.


If you are in the market for a schnauzer poodle, you’ll want to know the blood lines of the puppy. Whether it is a first generation or multi generational hybrid may or may not make a difference to you. It is simply that in a multi generational hybrid, the characteristics of one of the two breeds may be more dominant. In the case of a schnauzer poodle mix, this isn’t necessarily of great concern, as the individual breeds make wonderful companions in their own right.


One Cute Puppy


The schnauzer poodle can be described as cute with a capital T. Most you find for sale are of the toy size, but they don’t necessarily have to be. The schnoodle is described as being a very loyal and friendly dog and a good house dog. It doesn’t even particularly like being outside unless you are with it. When that is the case it is sturdy enough to go on a 5 mile jog with you. Although, as sometimes happens with this breed, it will overdo it and “crash”, and you might have to carry it part way home. It’s not a very heavy burden if that ever happens, and it will usually quickly recover.


Very Smart, And Doesn’t Shed Either


As is the case with both the schnauzer and the poodle, the schnauzer poodle is an extremely intelligent dog. It has been said you can almost see the wheels turning, and if allowed to become bored it will often find ways to get into mischief. Also, like both of its ancestors, the schnoodle does not shed, and humans are not normally allergic to its coat. The dog does have to be groomed regularly, preferably on a daily basis, and its coat also should be clipped every couple of months.


The schnoodle is not an aggressive dog and is considered to be very good with children. It will tend to become possessive with its toys however, but only to the point of not wanting to share them. Though not regarded as a yapping dog, the schnauzer poodle has a tendency to bark when people it doesn’t know approach, and for that reason is considered to be a good watchdog.


If you want to take the time to do a little research on poodles and schnauzers, look into their physical characteristics and their temperaments, and you’ll soon come to realize what a wonderful mix the schnauzer poodle is. While they have been on the scene for a while now, schnoodles are gaining in popularity every day, and are certainly worth considering as a first or next pet.

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