Teacup Australian Shepherd

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Teacup australian shepherd

Teacup Australian Shepherd

Teacup Australian Shepherd Knowing The Teacup Australian Shepherd


One of the most friendly and cutest breed of small dog is the teacup Australian shepherd. These types of dogs have medium to long hair that is billowy and soft to the touch. Their colors are black, red or blue but these colors can be mixed with a tan or white marking. For the dog to be considered a true teacup Australian shepherd it must meet the requirements.


The only white marking that should appear on the face should be in a long strip that extends for the back of the head to the snout area. The hair around the neck and on the back of the legs should be longer and flowing, a slight bit. The hair on the head or ear area should be shorter than everywhere else. The ears of the teacup Australian shepherd are floppy and soft and they have larger faces and smaller jaws. If the dog does not have these distinctive markings or colors it is not thought of as a pure bred dog. Teacup Australian shepherds are affectionate, playful dogs.


It is suggested that people who are interested in raising this type of dog, acquire it when the dog is still a puppy. This way the puppy can be properly trained and also become comfortable with the people who it will be living with. Because these puppies love to play they are highly recommended as a companion for young children. They are loyal and very protective and courageous with the people who they love. Not only do they serve as a playmate but will defend their small owners if need be, if they feel they are in any kind of danger.


These puppies are very smart and can be easy to train. They are very intuitive when it comes to knowing what their owner wants and they love to cuddle and are very devoted and caring. But since they are very playful and energetic they must have a way to release the extra energy. A scheduled walk or playtime is a good way to do this. If the puppy is not allowed to exercise enough it may become nervous, anxious and start bad habits like chewing on shoes or tearing up furniture.

Just like with any breed of small dog, you must establish in a firm but loving way that you are a pack leader. If you do not do this the dog may get small dog syndrome. This syndrome means that they dog thinks he is the leader of the home and bad behavior like excessive barking, jumping and even biting can occur. It is a good idea when you bring a puppy home to give him an area or kennel that is his alone. Include toys and a blanket so that if it wakes up during the night, it has something to occupy it’s time until you wake up. This keeps the puppies off furniture and in their own established area.


Teacup Australian shepherds are natural born herders. When they are puppies they may try to bite the back of your heels while you are walking by. You may think the puppy is trying to play but this is another example of a domination technique. You have to let the puppy know that it is not expectable behavior to do this. But there is one way to curb this instinct. You can take the puppy with you if you go hunting, fishing or to do any type of work outdoors. This makes the dog feel like he is a contributing member of the family and his domination attempts will cease over a short period of time.

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