Teacup Morkies

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Teacup morkies

Teacup Morkies

Teacup MorkiesTeacup morkies are another one of the new so-called “designer” dogs. These are toy dogs that are bred to create even smaller dogs. They might not literally fit in a teacup, but they would definitely fit in someone’s handbag or pocket. Not only is the designer dog concept new, the morkie itself is not a household name. A morkie is a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier. They are a toy breed that is starting to become quite popular.


A morkie normally weighs around six pounds, but these teacup morkies are even smaller with many maxing out at four pounds. The puppies only weigh a few ounces. This is not a dog for everyone. If you have children, you should look for a dog that is larger and less fragile. Most toy dogs are too small for children to play with without hurting them, and these teacup morkies are even tinier.


Teacup MorkiesTeacup morkies usually look like one or the other of their parents, either a Maltese or a Yorkshire terrier. They can have a wide range of colors, but most have brown fur in their ears. Most will have some arrangement of brown, black and white. Because they acquire some of the characteristics of the toy versions of the morkies, teacup morkies do not shed and this makes them ideal for those people who are allergic to dogs.


Because dental disease is high among morkies, you will need to brush their teeth a few times every week. They also have very small stomachs and cannot tolerate large meals, so feeding them three small meals every day is better for them than one large meal at morning or night. It is best not to leave food out for them all day but to serve separate meals.


If at all possible, it is important to visit the breeder if you are thinking about purchasing a teacup morkie. You should see the parents of litter from which you will be obtaining your puppy. The dogs should be friendly and very healthy. Find out if they have any medical problems. While morkies have to meet certain standards to be registered with the AKC, teacup morkies cannot be registered and have no particular health requirements they have to meet. Literally anyone could sell these dogs, so you need to know that you are buying from a responsible breeder.


Teacup MorkiesTeacups can suffer from any of the health problems of both the Maltese and Yorkie breeds. These can include:


Teacup MorkiesGlaucoma

Teacup MorkiesCataracts

Teacup MorkiesKidney Failure

Teacup MorkiesHeart Disease

Teacup MorkiesTracheal Collapse

Teacup MorkiesMedial Patellar Luxation

Teacup MorkiesHydrocephalus


If you do choose to purchase a teacup morkie, make sure to take the puppy or adult to a vet to make sure it checks out okay health-wise.


Teacup MorkiesA teacup morkie will most likely have long hair that will need to be groomed a few times a week. Some owners get very short puppy haircuts so that they don’t have to deal with this chore. You can do this throughout their adult lives. Other necessary care will include exercise and playtime, particularly if you acquire a puppy or young dog. A teacup morkie is a lapdog, meaning they thrive on constant human attention and they will get upset when they are left alone. This is not the breed of dog you want to leave home alone all day while you are at work.


If you live in cold climate, particularly one with snow in the winter, you will have to be careful to keep your dog warm when he or she goes outside. Many people dress their morkies and teacup morkies in sweaters or designer clothing.

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