Toy Collie

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Toy collie

Toy Collie

Toy Collie Facts About The Toy Collie

If you are longing for a pet that is great with kids and easy to maintain, you can consider getting a toy collie. This breed of dog is known as a miniature lassie and along with its friendly attitude, is it one of the cutest dogs around. It has longer soft fur that is multi colored and an underlining shorter fur that makes it luxurious to the touch. It is a small type of dog and this makes it a good breed for people who do not have the room for a larger dog. The toy collie is loyal and highly intelligent.


These dogs were originally bred to work on farms. They were used for herding sheep and lamb and when the animals tried to escape from the farm the dogs were sent to retrieve them. They worked consistently through out the seasons and even during harsh winters. This is the reason for their soft thick fur. But only certain color combinations in a toy collie are acceptable for them to compete and become show dogs.

Red, mahogany, tri color, black and merle blue are the only types of toy collie that can be formally shown. They can and usually do also have a white patch of color that appears on the back and face. But if the dog is more than fifty percent white it will be disqualified. It can only stand thirteen to sixteen inches high and anything smaller type of toy collie will also be disqualified.


As general family dogs, the toy collie is exceptional with children. It is friendly and responsive to demands. It is very playful and helpful but it can also be leery of strangers and very protective. If a stranger approaches the dog and attempts to touch it, the dog can become aggressive and try to bite them. This can be a good thing when children are approached by strangers but if you are having company over and the dog starts to act in a defensive manner, this can be a bad situation. It is a good idea to introduce any new person who comes into the home to the toy collie. If the dog is allowed to smell the person and slowly get to know him, he will not act aggressively anymore.


The toy collie is an active and playful dog. It thrives on learning new things and loves to play. It may be a good idea to find time everyday to walk the dog or participate in an activity. You may also want to make it a family activity. These dogs are the happiest in a family setting and can become overly attached to a person, if they are the only one that spends any time with the dog.


The only bad habit a toy collie can have is excessive barking. This usually happens when the dog is left alone for long periods of time. Instead of barking at a clear knock on the door or at a stranger the dog will start to bark at any noise they hear. To avoid this you can spend more time with the dog and gently reprimand him for unnecessary barking. The dog can be trained to only bark at specific noises that cause you alarm. This makes the toy collie an excellent watchdog.


Since this dog has longer hair it will have to be groomed. You must give the dog a bath once a week using a shampoo formulated for the toy collie. You will also have to brush the dog out once every few days to avoid tangles in the hair or matting of the fur.

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