Types Of Beagles

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Types of beagles

Types Of Beagles

Types Of Beagles A Quick Guide To The Two Types Of Beagles


The cartoon dog, Snoopy, is the most famous of all types of beagles, not only to children but adults as well.  The breed may very well have been chosen for the comic strip because it is one of the most popular dogs in all of the United States, according to the American Kennel Club.


Beagles are classified under the family of hounds.  Hounds are dogs which are widely used as hunting companions, and have been in existence since the early 1500’s.  In England, hunting was a popular sport; one which included the use of dogs to help in tracking the prey.  Deer and small game like rabbits were typical targets by the hunters, and larger hounds were used for hunting deer while the smaller hounds sniffed out the rabbits.  It is believed that these smaller hounds were early versions of the beagle that is so popular in today’s pet world.


There are basically two types of beagles that are true and recognized by the American Kennel Club, and the differences between the two are based on their sizes.  One type reaches a height of 13 inches while the second is around 15 inches tall.  Colors of the hounds can vary, with the most common colorations being tri-color, red and white, lemon or lemon and white.  Long, drooping ears are a familiar sight on the beagle, as are the large, liquid brown eyes that many owners fall immediately in love with at first sight.


Regardless of size, beagles of good breeding all share the same characteristics.  This breed is known for their sweet, loveable nature as well as their strong will.  They make great family pets; good with small children and other dogs.  However, any other pets should be introduced to the pet while the beagle is small to allow acclimation to one another.  Remember that the beagle has hunting instincts.  Your dog will want a lot of attention, and may tend to bay or howl if left alone for extended periods of time.


The strong will and stubborn streak exhibited by both types of beagles can be attributed to the inbred hunting instinct that kept them on the trail of their victims until they were tracked down.  This trait can be troublesome when training your beagle, so a great deal of patience and understanding of the breed’s nature is required.  A keen sense of smell and a highly alert mentality can coax the dog into adventures on their own as they wander off to explore.  The master must be the owner, or the beagle will be badly behaved.


Caring for your beagle is the same as with most dogs.  The ears must be checked frequently for infection, as breeds with drooping ears tend to experience more problems than those with erect ears.  The ear flap will hold in moisture where bacteria can breed if unchecked.  Their short coats are easily maintained with regular brushing, and bathing your dog can be kept to a minimum.  Beagles are typically healthy dogs; however, ailments such as epilepsy, skin conditions, eye disease and spinal problems can occur.


There are several hybrid dogs that have been bred using the beagle breed that are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Dog Club.  The American Eagle dog, the bagle and the Doxie are a few examples.  It is important when considering a hybrid pet to full research the lineage of the two parents, as traits and characteristics can become muddled with incorrect breeding.  In addition, crosses attempted by inexperienced breeders can result in serious health issues for these types of beagles.


The beagle breed, popular in comic strips and with most Americans, will be a welcome addition in any home.  Loveable, social and lively, this breed makes excellent family pets.

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