Types Of Terriers

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Types of terriers

Types Of Terriers


Types Of Terriers All About The Different Types Of Terriers

If you are in search of a new family pet, then this research on types of terriers will definitely prove to be helpful. Terriers are widely recognized as a very popular breed of dog because they get along so well with people. They are energetic, sociable, sweet, and playful, and make a great pet that your family will cherish for years. Narrowing down which type of dog you want is a tough proposition because they all have something to offer, but this article on types of terriers should make that process a bit easier on you.

Before we talk about these types, let us first talk about the terrier. Terriers were originally bred in Great Britain and Ireland as hunting dogs or guard dogs. Their small size and agility made them perfect for hunting small game, like rabbits, foxes, and badgers. Now, terriers exist primarily as pets. Terriers have great personalities denoted by a few main traits. The first is their activity level. Terriers have lots of energy and love to play, making them great with children. The second trait is their love of people. They like nothing more than to be with their owners at all times – yet they are independent enough where they will not be under your feet the entire time. The third trait is their temperament. Terriers are known for being very sweet and affectionate towards their owners, and do not tend to become overly-aggressive – although they will fiercely protect you if needed.

You can train terriers fairly well, but you will need a bit more patience with them than you would otherwise. This is due to their energy level, which makes them easily distracted by other people, animals, or objects. You also will need to watch out for leg injuries, since terriers tend to be more prone to them than other dogs.


While there are many types of terriers, essentially they are broken down into three groups: Working terriers, toy terriers, and bull-type terriers.  Working terriers are still used in parts of the world to track quarry, but they are also used as pets. The most popular kind of this group is the Jack Russell terrier, made famous for being in several television shows like “Frasier” and “Wishbone” over the years. Another popular type of working terrier is the Patterdale terrier, also commonly known as a black and tan terrier. The largest terrier, the Airedale, is in this group.


Of the toy terriers, arguably the most popular is the Yorkshire terrier. These dogs tend to be quite small, with long, dark coats and high energy levels. They are not always lapdogs, though; they still retain a lot of the characteristics of their bigger cousins. Another kind is the English Toy terrier, which is similar to the Yorkshire in many ways. Both of these exhibit high levels of energy and come closest to being a lapdog of all the types (although as mentioned above, they are not always that way).


Lastly, the bull-type terriers were originally bred as a combination of bulldogs and terriers. The most common breed is the Boston terrier, although the American Pit Bull terrier s almost equally widespread. These dogs are very courageous and fearless, which makes them great guard dogs for the family. Some have tried to use them in illegal dog-fighting, however, which is unfortunate because otherwise they have a very sweet disposition.


All of the types of terriers mentioned above share similar qualities of independence, loyalty, courage, love for humans, and playfulness that make them terrific pets. Picking which one, then, really depends on what kind of terrier you would like between the working, toy, and bull types of terriers. Many people choose between the types of terriers based on appearance, which is definitely okay. Just know that no matter what type you choose, with a terrier you will be getting a quality pet for your home and family.

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