White Lab Puppies

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White lab puppies

White Lab Puppies

White Lab PuppiesAll About White Lab Puppies

White lab puppies are in high demand in the United States. Because of their solid breed history, their appealing appearance, and their demeanor, Labrador retrievers are a very popular choice amongst potential puppy owners.  If you’re thinking about getting a puppy and you’re unsure of what breed to choose, read on to learn more information about Labrador puppies.

White lab puppies originated in the country of Newfoundland in the 1700’s. Labrador retrievers were originally called Lesser Newfoundlands. These dogs were originally bred for the purpose of being work or water dogs.  Because of their size, obedient retrieval nature, and interest of water, Labrador Retrievers were used as fishing dogs to retrieve the nets and other fishing supplies. Once the breed began to grow in popularity, waterfowl hunters began to use them as hunting buddies to retrieve waterfowl from the bodies of water.

There is some uncertainty as to the origins of the name “Labrador Retriever”. Labs have been called a variety of names over the centuries such as Lesser Newfoundlands or St. John’s Dog. Some believe that the name “Labrador” comes from the Spanish word for worker or laborer which is “labradores”.  Used mainly in European countries a work, herding, or hunting dogs, Labrador Retrievers, are a popular breed there as well because of their hard working nature and love of water.

Now that a bit of the origin of white lab puppies has been established, The first question to ask yourself before choosing a white lab puppy is, “Am I ready for the commitment of owning a new puppy?” If you have small children (under the age of 3), your living situation is uncertain, your home is small without a yard or has a yard without a fence, or you will be spending large periods of time away from your new puppy (working  long hours, vacation, etc.), owning a new puppy may not be for you.  However, if you are a responsible, previous pet owner, have children that are old enough to care for a new puppy, and have the patience, time, and dedication to spend acclimating your new puppy into their new home, you’re ready!


White lab puppies make excellent family dogs, companions, and therapy dogs.  Because of their laid back, obedient, intelligent, and good natured personalities, Labradors are always a good choice.  If you’re choosing a Labrador for yourself or your children, you will not be disappointed. Their tolerance for children is unsurpassable by any other breed. Their obedient nature will make them easy to train and will rapidly create a bond with all family members.


If you’re choosing a Labrador as a guide or therapy companion, you will be making the right choice. Labradors are very intelligent, perceptive, and obedient dogs.  They will easily adapt to the temperament and needs of their companions.  Loyal and true, Labradors will bond quickly and acclimate to your needs as a therapy companion.


Considered to be a larger sized dog, the Labrador retriever ranges in weight size from 45-60 pounds and height from 21-25 inches. Unlike their breed partners, the long haired retrievers, Labrador’s fur is usually short, smooth, and easy to care for.


There are 3 main colors recognized by breed associations as standard breed colors. They are black, chocolate, and yellow.  However, growing in popularity because of rarity and beauty, white lab puppies are taking the puppy market to new levels. Take a peek at a few pictures of white lab puppies, and you’ll see why. As with any major decision in life, researching thoroughly your choices is key to making good decisions. If you’re looking for a loving, people pleasing, easily trained, and physically appealing dog breed with a solid breed history, white lab puppies are the choice for you.

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