Yorkie Chihuahua

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Yorkie chihuahua

Yorkie Chihuahua


Yorkie Chihuahua Crosses: What You Should Know


Because of their small size and quirky, sweet character, yorkie chihuahua crosses are a popular type of designer dog among dog owners today.  Also known as chorkies, this cross is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club.  Because this is a cross between two purebred breeds, the offspring does not have a consistent appearance.  You may have puppies from the same litter that appear more as a chihuahua or more as a yorkie.  Temperament of the crossbreed will also be a combination of the two purebreds, and the temperament may more closely resemble that of the chihuahua or that of the yorkie.




The history of the yorkie chihuahua cross is relatively short.  Within the past decade, breeders have begun crossing purebred dogs to get in-demand designer dogs.  Generally, the breeder will breed only two purebred dogs together and will not breed the offspring, as the genetic variability increases, and the dog becomes susceptible to a wide variety of genetic diseases carried by the purebred parents.




As stated above, the yorkie chihuahua crosses will exhibit the physical characteristics of both parents to different degrees.  They are a small dog, weighing an average of seven to nine pounds fully grown.  They have medium to long hair coats and may require clipping.  They tend not to shed excessively.  They are often golden in color, although their coats can be a variety of colors depending on the genetics inherited from the yorkie or the chihuahua parents.  It should be noted that chorkie puppies may change colors as they age.  This is because yorkies are generally born black, and their tan points increase as the yorkie gets older.  The color of the chorkie puppies, therefore, may become increasingly golden in color as your puppy ages.


Personality and Temperament


Chorkies are sweet, intelligent, and highly trainable.  They make great family pets, and they tend to be very good with children.  They make great lap dogs, and they enjoy human companionship.  They have a lot of energy, and they love going for walks, playing with toys, and going for car rides.  They do not tire easily despite their small size, and they will generally alert you when a stranger approaches.  Therefore, they make a good watch dog.  As with all dogs, you will need to spend time with them to socialize them, although they do well with other types of animals in the household.  They should not be left alone for long periods of time on a regular basis.




Regular grooming is required to ensure that the chorkies’ hair does not get matted or tangled.  Daily brushing is a must with this breed, and bathing is recommended every few weeks depending on the dog.  Infrequent bathing is recommended, though, as regular repeated baths will dry out your dog’s skin.  If your dog has shorter hair, you may be able to bathe your dog less frequently if you wipe your dog’s coat regularly with a damp cloth.  The nails of the dog should be clipped regularly, approximately every two weeks.  Additionally, you should brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis to avoid tooth decay.




Yorkie chihuahua crosses can be expected to live an average of 15 years.  They are susceptible to some of the genetic problems experienced by toy breeds, including hypoglycemia and joint problems.


The chorkie is an ideal small dog for almost any living situation, as they will do well in apartments or in areas where they have more room to run.  They are loyal and sweet family dogs, and they are a rather robust, healthy cross between two purebred dogs.  If you are looking for a small, designer dog that will be a treasured member of the family, the chihuahua yorkie cross may be for you.

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