Yorkie Poodle

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Yorkie poodle

Yorkie Poodle


A Quick Guide To The Yorkie Poodles

Small, cute, and cuddly, Yorkie poodles may just be the breed for you. A Yorkie Poodle, also known as a Yorki-poo, Yo-yo-poo, or Yorkie-doodle, is considered to be a hybrid dog.  A Yorki-poo is created when a purebred Yorkshire terrier breeds with a purebred Poodle.  Often times, Yorki-poo puppies are a 50/50 mix, but not always.  As hybrid breeding is becoming more popular, crossing the generations of dogs is becoming more popular. Although, not considered purebred, hybrid dogs are increasing in popularity.

Ranging in size from 4 to 11 pounds, Yorkie-poodles can easily fit inside your purse or other bags.  Because of the growing popularity of small breed dogs, the market for designer purse carriers, outfits, collars and other accessories is booming. Made famous by Paris Hilton’s tiny dog Tinkerbell, puppies as fashion statements are in. Ms. Hilton’s teacup Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, now even has her own book, entitled “The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries: My Life Tailing Paris Hilton”.

Because of theses fashion trends, 50/50 mix Yorkie Poodles can become quite pricey. On average a hybrid Yorki-poo can cost anywhere from $200-$1200 dollars, depending on the breed mixture, the reputation of the breeders, and prior care given. When choosing a Yorki-poo, always make sure to choose from a reputable breeder. There are many scams out there, and many breeders looking only to make money.  Choose a breeder that has an honest reputation, professional documentation, sanitary breeding/housing grounds, and has both of the puppy parent’s on site.  When purchasing a Yorki-poo, request to meet the parents, see their facilities, and review their detailed medical history.  Reputable breeders should have all of that information on hand and should have no problems sharing that information with you.


Healthy Yorkie poodles will be alert and inquisitive. They will tolerate children well and will easily adapt to their new family life.  If you have small children or a large house, putting a bell on the collar of your Yorki-poo will assist in making them easier to locate and ensure that they are not injured or stepped on. If held to a consistent training routine and rewarded for their good behaviors, Yorkie poodles can be quite easy to train. Yorki-poos love to be with people.  If you are gone from the home and the puppy is left alone for long periods of time, Yorki-poos will begin to exhibit negative behaviors quickly. They love to be part of the action and yearn to belong fully to a family.


Yorkie poodles make great pets for large families and those suffering from allergies. Because of the hypoallergenic qualities that a poodle displays, Yorki-poos may be a good option for allergy suffers.  They are small dogs and do not shed as much as other breeds.  Their fur is often times short like a terrier’s and curly like a poodle’s.  They can range in color from black, brown, golden, or white.

Additionally, because they are a hybrid dog, health problems are less because the genetic crossing lessens the chances of genetic defects.  Breeding hybrid dogs takes the best of both breeds and combines them into one. A Yorkie poodle’s life span is anywhere from 10-14 years.


All around, Yorkie poodles are a great choice for many different kind of people and social situations. Because of their tolerability of sitting inside purses or bags, people on the go often take their Yorki-poos with them to run errands or to work.  Families with children will immediately benefit from having a Yorki-poo to cuddle, love, and play with.  And the sick or elderly looking for an easy to train lap dog companion will easily find their new best friend in a Yorki-poo. Yorki-poos crave love and will instantly give love in return. Yorkie poodles make excellent pet companions with whatever your schedule of lifestyle may be!

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